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Semi-flexible Cable Assembly

Semi-flexible Cable Assembly

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RF components generally consist of a cable connecting two RF coaxial connectors. It is a complete transmission that can complete the transmission of RF signals and energy. The cable assembly is a key part of the transmission system, and its performance will seriously affect the quality of the transmission system. The performance of the cable assembly depends not only on the respective performance of the cable and the connector, but also on the connection process of the connector. Due to the improper connection of the connector, the performance of the cable assembly is not up to standard. Therefore, it is best for capable users. In the direct purchase of professional cable manufacturers. We have been engaged in the manufacture and manufacture of cable assemblies for many years. We have extensive experience and excellent technology to ensure that we provide you with high quality products.

Semi-flexible cable assembly

  • 4.3/10 Semi-flexible cable...
  • 7/16 elbow semi-flexible cable...
  • 7/16 type semi-flexible cable...
  • N-type semi-flexible cable assembly
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