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RF Connector SMK

RF Connector SMK

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The connector is a part of the interlinkage that can be clutched or replaced. It is a bridge between all signals. The nature of the connector will affect the operating quality of the entire system. Therefore, a high standard connector is the primary condition for ensuring effective signal transmission. RF connector variety specifications: 4.3-10, 7/16DIN, N, TNC, BMA, SMA, SMK, APC3.5, SMC, SAA, SSMA, micro-rectangular, round electrical connectors, glass beads and many other types . And it has good shock resistance, high power, low VSWR, attenuation and third-order intermodulation, high reliability and high sealing performance. It is widely used in macro-base station RF output ports, indoor distribution, radio equipment and electronic instruments. Microwave equipment, aerospace and many other fields. At the same time, our connector can be suitable for wet and rainy weather, and can effectively prevent gas, moisture or liquid from entering the connector housing and ensure product stability.


  • SMK-KK
  • SMK-JK
  • SMK-JJ
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